Non-dimmable LED Driver

3 years warranty 12v 2a led power supply for led lighting

The 12v 2a small led power supplyis eliminated with the use of these lights. after you used the led power supply for the lights, you will enjoy the cold white 6000k color of e-conolight led lights.
  • Artículo No.:

  • marca:

  • voltaje de entrada:

  • tensión de salida:

  • corriente de salida:

  • modo de trabajo:

    Constant voltage
  • proceso de dar un título:

  • garantía:

    3 years
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3 years warranty 12v 2a led power supply for led lighting

based on our research, we create a list of high performing 12v 2a power supply, they are IP20 rated and 3 years warranty, if you are looking for a differently designed, great features and economical pricing for your URPOWER motion sensor led closet Light.






dc voltage


rated current


current range


rated power




voltage tolerance



voltage range


frequency range


power FACTOR(Typ.)

no pfc



ac CURRENT(Typ.)



short circuit

protection type:Hiccpe mode,recovers automatically after condition is removed




working TEMP.

-10~+40℃ (Refer to output load derating curve)

storage temp



safety standards

EN61347-1;EN61347-2-13;SELV;SAA approved

withstand voltage



1.All parameters not specially mentioned are measured at 220VAC input,rated load and 25℃ of ambient temperature.
2.Ripple&noise are measured at 20MHz of bandwidth by using a 12" twisted pair-wire terminated with a 0.1uf&47uf parallel capacitor.
3.Tolerance:includes set up tolerance,line regulation and load regulation.

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mechanical specification

led power 12v

① ac socket:DB-8

12v 2a small led power supply

② sensor switch socket:5557-3.0-2*2AW

led power 12v

③ dc socket:TCJ8H 6PCS

12v led supply

cable model of input : 2 pins plug power cord (VDE 18AWG wires)
output cord suggestion: H03VV-F 2*0.75mm2(red, black)

compatible led closet lights type

there are numerous variety of closet lights. but we are making for the best sensorled power supply 12vdc 2a forled closet light that is long-lasting, effective and easy to install.

We carried out several tests and also consulted several experts. based on our research, we create a list of seven high performing closet light.

led power supply 12vdc 2a

related products

led power 12v If you do not want your closet light to stick out whenever you open the closet, theled power 12v has the best design and the size for your led closet and make the closet fit proper and work well in your project.

intput voltage:100~240V ac
size : 127.5*50*12mm
100% full load burn-in test

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