Non-dimmable LED Driver

UL triac and 0-10v dimming mode 12v 30w led power supply junction box

The triac dimmable led driver 12v operates 30watt output power and available in 12vdc and 24vdc. With trian and 0-10v dimming function. LEVITON forward phase cut or reserve phase cut dimmers 100-130v are some options.
  • Artículo No.:

  • marca:

  • voltaje de entrada:

  • tensión de salida:

    12vdc; 24vdc
  • corriente de salida:

  • modo de trabajo:

    constant voltage
  • proceso de dar un título:

    UL cUL
  • garantía:

    7 years
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UL triac and 0-10v dimming mode 12v 30w led power supply junction box


The led driver triac meet class 2 class p type hl standard with valid certificates. hope you can give preference to it because it performs well in triac and 0 10v dimming mode. AQ lighting waterproof diimmable led tape light 12v 24v is optional.





dc voltage









voltage tolerance


voltage regulation


load regulation



voltage range


frequency range


power Factor(Typ.)@ full load

0.99@120VAC 0.98@277VAC

0.99@120VAC 0.95@277VAC

THD(Typ.)@ full load


Efficiency(Typ.)@ full load

79% @120Vac 80%@277Vac

79% @120Vac 80%@277Vac

ac Current(Max.)


inrush Current(Typ.)

7A, 50%, 420us @120Vac 12A, 50%, 480us @277Vac

leakage current



working TEMP.

-40~+60℃ (see below derating curve)

working humidity

20~90%RH, non-condensing

storage TEMP. humidity



temp .coefficient



10~500Hz, 5G 10min./1 cycle,period for 60min. each along X,Y,Z axes

safety standards


withstand voltage


isolation resistance



EMC emission

fcc part 15 b

working TEMP.

-40~+60℃ (see below derating curve)

working humidity

20~90%RH, non-condensing

storage TEMP. humidity




about 0.95Kg


165*94.5*40mm (L*W*H)




1. all parameters if not specially mentioned are measured at 120VAC input , rated load and 25℃of ambient temperature.

2. To extend the driver's using life ,please reduce the loading at lower input voltage.

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■ mechanical specification

led driver triac

l input wire black and white to be connected to ac l and n ,Green wire go ground.

l output wire red to led positive side (+) , black to led negative side (-).

l dimming cable dim (+) purple to 0/1-10V dimmer signal(+ ),DIM (-) grey to 0/1-10V dimmer signal (-) .

l please make sure your connect these correctly otherwise your product will not function correctly and could be damaged.

■ connecting diagram

Ø using TRIAC/Phase cut dimming

1.The Pulse-Width modulation (PWM) of output voltage can be adjusted through input terminal of the ac phase line(L) by connection a phase /Triac dimmer of lighting system.

2.Work with forward phase /leading edge ,MLV and reverse phase /trailing edge ,ELV,TRIAC dimmers.

3.Please try to use dimmers with power at least 1.5 times as the output power of the driver.

led driver triac

Ø using 0-10/1-10V dimming

led driver triac

led driver triac

■Derating curve

led driver triac

l To extend their life, please refer to the derating curve and derate according to the temperature.

■ Instruction:

l This driver should be installed by qualified and professional person;

l please make sure the driver is installed with adequate ventilation around it to allow for heat dissipation.

l ensure that wiring is correct before test in order to avoid light and power supply damage;

l If the dimmable led drivers do not work normally, pl. don’t maintain privately, but contact us: or take a phonecall: 0086-18016688251

Our official website: or

compatible dimmer type

smarts triac dimmable constant voltage led driverswith junction box are well received in north American. UL certificates and 7years warranty are promised. except LEVITON dimmers, LUTRON dimmers 100-130V or 277v can also achieve 0-100% dimming effect.

triac dimmable constant voltage led drivers

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led power supply junction box

This led power supply junction boxis non dimmable type. 12vdc with high power voltage 150watt. given 7 years warranty. UL approval with high effeiency.

intput voltage:100~277VAC
dimming type: non dimming

Certificate: UL cul

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